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Top Ten List of Most Memorable Moments Involving Our Classmates

David Hershey

(for the class of '77)

I do not have a story, however I’ve compiled a top ten list of most memorable moments involving our classmates. 10/Learning to play jumpin’ jack flash at Shea’s house in 8th grade 9/Mr. Lange’s science class and his never-ending supply of comfy sweaters 8/watching Joe Gabuzda use trigonometry to check the accuracy of his stereo turntable (7th grade). 7Any given band practice at Kenny Arnold’s house. 6/Mark McCauslin finishing a football game with a broken bone in his back. 5/Junior high make-out party’s at Radnor’s house. 4/German trip-senior year (with Arnold, Brennan, Freeman, et al). 3/The day Steve Urban was elected Mayor. 2/Near death experiences driving with Mark Jones(’76). 1/Teachers’ reactions after I finally cut my hair, spring of senior year.


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