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Top 20 Best Memories of the Class of ’77

Lee Fry and Sue Cook with Tamie Ryder Hershey

...1. Senior Class Trip to Seven Springs-hot tubs; “a little nip of the yip!”; “skiing…what skiing?”...2. Slave Day-Driving bases at Hoover; PJ’s to school; drag queens...3. Field Hockey-“WHEET”; “chicken corn”; bruised shins; orange slices...4. Halloween Carnival-beverage (?) dispensing!!...5. Dances at Presbyterian Church-fun in the parking lot!...6. Explorer Post Camping Trips-Hechert; “warlock”; initiations...7. Camp Hill Pool-“laying out” with baby oil/iodine, lemons and “Sun In” ...8. Favorite Teachers-Lou Dougherty, Rena Rogoff, Bonnie Harrison...9. Milton Hershey Dances-“What’s his name?”; “Wanna switch?”...10. Shore Trips-Stone Harbor; Henry’s “If you want to crash…go outside!”; spanada scissors; “Easy”; Crego’s...11. “Unit” Checking-“Here comes one on your right!”.. [ Unit Checking: You probably can guess this one!! It is as bad as you are probably thinking it is!! ] .12. Senior Class Play-“Oklahoma”; cast parties...13. Chocolate Chip Cookie dough at the movies...14. Tang “O.D.”- t-shirts and underwear at 2 am on Carlisle Pike...15. Northern Citation-“How many girls can you fit in a Gremlin?”; “Honest officer…we were just posting signs!!”... [ Northern Citation: Refers to the night before our big football game with Northern senior year. A group of girls made signs and decided to post them all over the Northern Football field around midnight. We piled into cars…many were in my Gremlin…and drove to the field. In the middle of our sign posting, the cops spotted us, gave us a major lecture and then a citation for “trespassing.” Oh,….we also had to take the signs down.] or [Ah, the road trip to Northern High School to decorate their school with CH colors and signs. This was following the Halloween fund raising event at the school, I think. We ladies were armed with tape, crepe paper, posterboard and markers. We headed south on Route 15 (brings to mind some other tales) and then headed into the Northern High School parking lot. Trees were adorned, signs were hung (no weed killer was sprayed ) and as we were completing our mission ready to re-group to the cars we traveled in, who drives by the school but the band director’s son. (We learned later on…) Well now the mission had to end and off we went heading north. All was well until we reached the "old" Holiday Inn site. The state police was called in for a man (or lady) hunt. All the cars were pulled-over along route 15 and fines were issued. I dont remember how the charge was worded but we divided the fee. How is that for school spirit and team support? I’m not even certain if the football team was aware until after the game. ]16. Open campus and Open lunch-where did we go?...17. Parties at Goodyear’s cabin-cornfield ditch...18. Land Parties-hickies; Lambrusco; kegs; “You have to stay overnight”; Baha-ing in the field...19. Park City O.D.-Attending a lecture? Yeah right!!... [ Park City O.D.: Refers to the time that Sue Sajer, Tami Minick and I went to Park City Lancaster to hear Dr. Leaky speak…and also to do a little shopping. It was pouring rain…my mom didn’t want me to go because I had just gotten my license, but of course I told her nothing could go wrong. Well, we were hit on the driver’s side by a guy who ran a stop sign. The car wasn’t drivable and I had to call my mom…sheepishly…and ask her to pick us up…and also pay for the car!! I didn’t hear the end of that one for a while. ] 20. Parties at Cook’s with the coolest mom, “Weez”

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