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Collen Kramer

When my sister started High School at CHHS, kids were being suspended for wearing clothes that resembled the American flag and there were still four elementary schools: Lincoln, Schaffer, Hoover, and Eisenhower. By the time I got to High School there had been many changes, one of which was open campus. It was a policy that was established to allow students that had good grades to leave campus during study hall. And everyone could leave at lunch, if they so wished. Of course, prior to be able to drive, leaving campus was usually limited to going to Cavenies getting junk—usually soda and sunflower seeds—and hanging out across the street from the school.

Once I had my driver’s license things changed. Most of my friends--and the guy I dated--went to nearby Cedar Cliff High School. Now the nice thing was that at CHHS was we had six periods a day, whereas Cedar Cliff had eight. This difference meant that our classes and lunch were longer, which made it perfect for going to lunch with my friends. So, I would drive over to Cedar Cliff, which was a closed campus, park in their parking lot, and meet my friends at the side door to the cafeteria. My girlfriends and I would stand in line and we would get our food and go meet the guys. We always had the same table and it was Sharon, Lori, Kathy, and me on one side and Chuck, Mark, Rich, and Scott on the other.

Now at Cedar Cliff, like Camp Hill, teachers were assigned to monitor the cafeteria and there was one teacher that always walked up and down the lunch line making sure no one gave cuts or horsed around. He was a very tall, very large man with dark hair. I came to know him from conversations while waiting in line to get my lunch. His name was Mr. Kambic. Mr. Kambic, I found out, was also the track coach. I found this interesting, as the man was easily 280 lbs. I probably talked to Mr. Kambic at least twice a week for two years.

A couple of years after graduating, I started dating John. He was a few years older than I was and came from a large family, of which he was the eldest child. John and his siblings had all graduated from Cedar Cliff, and John had just finished a tour in the Coast Guard. After we had dated awhile, he took me home to meet his family. It was quite a group because in addition to his parents, five brothers, and one sister there were various girlfriends of his brothers there too. All through dinner, his dad kept asking me questions.

Eventually he asked what year I graduated from Cedar Cliff. I told him I had actually graduated from Camp Hill, not Cedar Cliff. He said he was sure he remembered me from Cedar Cliff. He remembered me hanging out with Sharon Rundle and he remembered me from the cafeteria. He even thought he had had me in a class.

In the end, I had to come clean. So I told John’s dad--Mr. Kambic--that he was right. I was a friend of Sharon Rundle’s and I did eat lunch in the Cedar Cliff cafeteria, after driving over from Camp Hill and sneaking into Cedar Cliff several times a week for two years. He was actually impressed with my daring and he got a good laugh out of it.

John and I eventually broke up and I started dating Dave. I eventually I married Dave, another Cedar Cliff graduate whose mother, believe it or not, actually worked in the cafeteria at Cedar Cliff High School.

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