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Michelle’s Glasses


Della Hoke-Uvick

The company that Theo Tomczak’s mom worked for had a beach house, and they invited me, Chris Columbus, Kris Diener and Michelle Miller along with them when they went for a week. We girls got the floor above the family and had a great time.

Now, we had often told Michelle that it was a good thing that her head was attached, because she was forever forgetting things. One of the things that she forgot was that she was wearing her glasses when she went into the ocean.

Needless to say, a wave knocked her over and her glasses came off. We looked and looked, but never found them. Luckily, Michelle and I had similar prescriptions, so we shared my glasses until we got home.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get new glasses in time for picture day – she used some sunglasses from home, popped out the dark lenses, and wore those instead. Go ahead … look at her senior yearbook photo. That’s the only time she ever wore those things!

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