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Me(n)tal Fatigue


Most of what I do is write technical proposals or recap technologies, in other words I am a geek for a living. I have to admit that I have trouble remembering the stories that would be about good things. I mean I don't think we want a store about M. pushing people around until one day Ken snaps and clocks him or Duke throwing JC across the locker room at Scotland for disparaging the kids that attend, or C throwing TW across the gym for being a dick after wrestling practice or may people pick on Mark F until the kid snapped. I have been racking my brain and if I can come up with something you will be the first to know. Although a thought just came to mind about the time in physics class when we took Mr. Smelzlys spring into the hall and stretched it from one end of the hall to the other and got some good wave motion out of it while taking it past the point of returning to its original size.

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