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The Last Great Christmas Party

Cathy Petrillo

We were all headed to Elmo's house for one of his great parties. This was my first time going to one of his festivities. It was not suprising considering Elmo and my brother are ten years my senior. We all made our way in the snow, my brother, his wife, myself, and my two sisters. We made it all the way across the street and around the corner to Mrs. Myers' house.

People filled the front room, which was exactly like our house and like most of the houses in our end of The Boro. One side living / one side dining: perfect for having a great spread of food within easy reach while mingling.

I tried to hang with the family since I didn't know anyone. I remember hearing at one point that it was "going around" about all the Petrillo's hovering in one place. I'm sure it had to be Elmo that started that propaganda. I migrated to the kitchen where I ended up in a conversation with my brother and a blonde-haired dude who was trying to chat me up. That was good for a small silent chuckle between my brother and me.

As the alcohol flowed and the music played, I eventually ended up in the back room where some intense conversation was going on. I couldn't really catch all of it's meaning, I just know it had something to do with Nazis and mayors. By that time, I had slipped deeper into the rabbit hole than I intended. My time had run out at this shindig. All I could think was either I got too drunk or one of my brother's crazy friends slipped some acid into the punch.

It wasn't too great a stretch. They did graduate in 1977...


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