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A Little Pot Grows in Camp Hil

Anne Caddy

...or The Potted Pot Plot


Once upon a time, in the quiet land of blue and white, high, on the river’s western shore, there sat a peaceful little school: CHHS. One morning, while the bluebirds and robins perched on a tree and homeroom 212 was tranquilly listening to homeroom announcements, a voice rang out, "Mrs. Green is growing pot plants on her windowsill." With much haste she went to the plants, her plants, on the windowsill, her windowsill. T

here were many plants there and she demanded to know which one. A helpful student (who shall remain nameless due to privacy laws and all) gleefully pointed it out and again stated, “No wonder Mrs. Green loved her plants so much.”

At this point, she had NO sense of humor and she escorted the said loudmouth downstairs to the dreaded principal’s office. When she returned, rather red in the face, she sputtered out that she had no idea what pot was or where it had come from and of course she had no idea how it got there. Those of us left in her homeroom were pretty much laughing too hard to care.

Quite some time later, from across the parking lot, where the bio lab had a recent very nice addition (which, by the way, acted quite like a wonderful terrarium) it was noticed that strange and magical plants, not unlike Mrs. Green's, were growing, although they had progressed quite a bit farther than hers had. The question remains the same: whatever happened to those wonderful plants? Were they burned at the stake or rolled into little stakes and slowly destroyed?

Has anybody mention the time pot was found growing in one of Mrs. Green's plants she had on the windowsill of her room. I forget who sat by the window, but then either you or Jim Cameron went over and started yelling "Mrs. Green is growing pot," then there was a big deal down at the principal's office and she was going to sue him for defamation of character, but they brought in the Camp Hill police and they tested and confirmed it was pot. -- Frank Fortino

I liked the story about Mrs. Green's homeroom. Remember how you called the police department? -- Rick Graul

I thought you were the one who called? -- Dennis Myers

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