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And the Keeley – Nolte Match


Dawn Keeley Gribb

The only story that comes to mind is one from sixth grade. We were camping at Camp Shickalemy? (spelling) and it was the annual sixth grade spring campout at Schaeffer Elementary. The girls were in one campsite and the boys in another. We were in cabins and I remember not having a flashlight but hearing the screams as the boys approached the girls campsite to raid it and try to scare us. We (a few girls) decided to try and and tell them who was boss. We started fist fighting with any boy that came near us. I only remember the Spanish teacher pulling me off of Jim Nolte. We (the girls) had conquered, and all went back to normal at school. The story faded away about how Dawn Keeley beat up Jim Nolte at camp, until eleventh grade speech class. Jim was in my class and someone brought it up to use as a subject. I wanted not crawl under my desk after I turned six shades of red. Sorry Jim.

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