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The Artist and His Golf Balls

Alexander Moyle

A Mockumentary

EXT. City Island Mini-Golf – DAY

A family of four is playing Put Put. One of the children tries to guild the ball into a gorilla's mouth. The ball escapes the playing boundary and a stranger stuffs the ball in his pockets and briskly walks away. The family in shock is seen complaining to the manager.

INT. Winslow Art Gallery – NIGHT

A crowd of people fill an upstairs hallway. They are talking about the artist, his insight, his breath of expression, his mastery of the medium. The curator stands at a closed door, the entrance to a gallery. She whispers in the ear of the first person in line "Kurt Douglas's chin" and allows only that person to enter. The curator waits 21/2minutes, whispers in the ear of the next person "pool balls and baboons" allowing another person to enter. Slowly the crowd recedes into the a large white walled gallery shaped like and L. In the main room a series of small spherical artifacts are suspended on little white cylindrical bases. The multicoloured artifacts stand vivid in a sterile space. Closer inspections reveal they are painted golf balls on tees. The crowd becomes momentarily silent upon the artists arrival, then they break out in ruckus praise.

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