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The Authors and Their Stories

Me(n)tal Fatigue

Ken Arnold
How Slave Day Builds Character
Wind Sprints

Anne Caddy
A Little Pot Grows in Camp Hill

Sue Cook
The Unexpected Lesson
Top 20 Best Memories of the Class of ’77

Maura Cowan
Nick Marshall
Revolution in Camp Hill

David Dietz
Just Hanging Out

Lee Fry
Top 20 Best Memories of the Class of ’77

Lisa Gantt-Kennedy
One Fall Evening

Michael R. Haas
A Milk Truck Runs Through It

Andy Hawbecker
Elwood Neidig's Gulf Station
The Jump

David Hershey
Top Ten List of Most Memorable Moments Involving Our Classmates

Della Hoke-Uvick
Michelle’s Glasses
Mr. Krout

Kristy (nee Dulik) Jedlinski
A Few, Quick Observations

Larry Kaspar
Plastico® Boots

Dawn Keeley Gribb
And the Keeley – Nolte Match

Robert Kehew
Whatever Happened to the Old Cross-Country Team?
Michael J. Petrillo

Collen Kramer

Jesse LeFrancois
A Great Place

Tammy Minick-Scokalo
Trembling on Stage

Alexander Moyle
A Fish Tale
In The Season’s Final Match
Our Fathers Were Friends
The Artist and His Golf Balls

Dennis Myers
Fires I Have Witnessed
The Battle Beyond Oyster Point
The Cliffs
The Matter—Reese Bout or The Great Herbert Hoover Battle for Souls
White Stars

JC Nolte
A Few, Quick Observations

Cathy Petrillo
The Last Great Christmas Party

Mike Petrillo
A Very Strange Hobby
Help! I've Been Bush Wacked!
Here’s to Socrates, Who Taught Plato, Who Taught Aristotle...
On Sports
Stump’s Corner
Unexpected House Guests
Win a Medal and Celebrate / Now Letís Celebrate (or Tug Tug Tug)

Tamie Ryder Hershey
Top 20 Best Memories of the Class of ’77

Vicki Sardelis Moyle
What It Was, Was Baseball

John Slike
Vivid memories of the CH in the 1940's

Richard A. Stender
A Trip Down Market Street in the 50's
The Toboggan Slide
Upon The Hoodmobile Youíre Getting a New School Ė But First-

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