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Three by Petrillo

The Editor

We are proud to publish three new stories from contributer and friend of the site, Michael Petrillo. Check out his unique vision and wit on sports, school terrorism, balls. But enough of what I can say. Here, in Mike's own words, is a little something about the writer:

A Short Bio... Or a Bio from a Short Person,

I always wanted to be Kurt Vonnegut Jr., but someone else beat me to it.  So I became the next best thing...Hey presto! An Engineer.  You may wonder what Kurt Vonnegut Jr. has to do with Engineering, Well, actually, nothing.  As a young lad, I always wanted to be a writer (so did Kurt Vonnegut Jr.).  I found out really early that I couldn’t write (so did Kurt Vonnegut Jr.).  That didn’t stop me from trying (so did Kurt ....). 

In high school I was relatively good in math, science and street hockey.  It was a gradual shift to Engineering (from poor writing) to play to my strengths. Of course Engineering demands very good skills in Math, Science, and Street Hockey.  I hated every minute of College (these are the best years of your life – Ha!), survived as a very average student (except for highest marks in Street Hockey). 

I was hired by the company formally known as Hershey Foods, and after a brief (23 year) career, was asked to leave (along with 400 other salaried employees).  One year later I am working for Anvil International (the old Grinell) pouring hot iron into pipe fittings.  I am proud to say that I am happily married and have two daughters:  Andie age 14, Juli age 12, going on 18.  I haven’t actually painted a golf ball in many, many years, but must admit, after reading Bob’s poem, I feel inspired enough to take up that hobby again.

 So check out:

A Very Strange Hobby

On Sports

Help! I’ve Been Bush Wacked!

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